Welcome, everyone! Here’s the program for the 8th Global Investigative Journalism Conference, (#GIJC13), scheduled for October 12-15, 2013, in beautiful Rio de Janeiro. It’s the first time we’re holding the GIJC in the global south, and we’re combining it with two other key events in journalism: the annual Latin America Investigative Journalism Conference (COLPIN), and the International Congress of ABRAJI, Brazil’s investigative journalism association. Panels and workshops will be available in languages as marked: English (Eng), Portuguese (Port), Spanish (Span). Plenary and showcase panels will be translated into all three. There will be streaming video available for all plenary and showcase panels and all those held in the RDC auditorium (C1). We look forward to seeing you in Rio!
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James Hollings

Massey University
Senior Lecturer in Journalism
Wellington, New Zealand
Journalism, big, small, wide, narrow, deep!, After 27 years at it, I still get excited by determined, persistent reporting. I worked as a journalist on newspapers and radio for 18 years, with a special interest in investigation. I now teach on NZ's only Master of Journalism programme, where I supervise the investigative journalism component. I am also a founder of the New Zealand Centre for Investigative Journalism. I have a particular interest in health issues; a recent investigation was into the censorship of suicide reporting in my country. I also research and publish academically on journalism issues. My doctoral dissertation was on the decision-making processes of reluctant witnesses, such as whistleblowers, and how journalists persuade them to speak out.